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Burn In system

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  • Product description: Optical chip high temperature and high humidity reliability test system, suitable for 940nm VCSEL, laser TV
  • Product introduction:

    Mature system: batch delivery and stable operation, excellent ESD EOS protection, to ensure 100% product safety
    The best delivery time: fully automatic production debugging, delivery time within 2 months
    Drive board: no overshoot, high reliability, high precision
    Temperature control system: refrigeration system, temperature range -40℃ to 150℃, 5 humidity controls, exceeding national standard, can be customized
    Software: mature software running for more than 20,000 hours, early warning, real-time data display, MES support, data upload




    Inner box size

    W600 mm × H500 mm × D500 mm

    Total measurement


    Number of inner boxes

    2 independent inner box




    Test environment conditions

    The ambient temperature is +25℃, the relative humidity is ≤85%, and there is no sample in the test box

    Testing method

    GB/T5170.2-2008 temperature test equipment

    GB/T5170.5-2008 Damp heat test equipment

    Oven temperature range


    Oven temperature fluctuation

    ≤±1℃ (Note: if expressed according to GB/T5170.2-1996, the fluctuation is ≤±0.25℃)

    Oven temperature deviation


    Oven temperature uniformity

    2.0℃ (other conditions and no additional glass door)

    Oven heating time

    -20℃→+60℃: within 25min

    -20℃→+100℃: within 35min

    -20℃→+140℃: within 45min

    Oven cooling time

    +20℃→-25℃: within 20min

    +20℃→-40℃: within 40min

    Oven humidity range

    (20~98)%RH (refer to the temperature and humidity controllable range chart, no active humidity and heat load)

    Relative humidity deviation of oven

    ±3.0%RH (when humidity>75%RH)

    ±5.0%RH (when humidity ≤75%RH)

    Drive current range

    CW 0-10A; can be customized according to customer needs

    PW 0-10A; frequency can be customized, duty cycle can be customized

    Current accuracy


    Output voltage range


    Voltage reading accuracy


    Current and voltage overshoot

    No overshoot during use

    Other configuration

    Support liquid cooling access

    Support liquid cooling access heat dissipation for high-power products